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About Gro Lawn

Gro Lawn is located in Burleson and serves much of North Texas including Fort Worth, Arlington and Grapevine as well as the surrounding areas

Unlike large corporate lawn care companies, we're locally owned and operated. Our programs are custom designed to fit the unique climate of North Texas and the variety of grass types we have here. We know that each type of lawn has different requirements to achieve their potential.

We're members of the Professional Lawn Care Association of America. PLCAA provides its members with continuing educational programs, offers national certified training and training products and helps to maintain the highest levels of professional service in the industry.

Community Involvement
Since its inception, Gro Lawn has been involved in our local community. We have participated in various fund raisers and auctions at local schools.

Aaron Shehan

Aaron Shehan, owner and president of Gro Lawn Inc., feels compelled to give back to the community that supports him. He's an active volunteer basketball coach as well as coaching a local soccer team. Today's youth are tomorrow's future.

North Texas Service Areas: