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Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass was the first warm-season turfgrass introduced into the south over a hundred years ago and continues to be one of the most popular Southern grasses. Today there are many beautiful hybrid Bermuda grasses available.

Bermuda Grass

Lawn Care Tips: Bermuda Lawn Info

  • It is imperative that your mower is fitted with a sharp blade. Otherwise you will be ripping off the grass and not cutting it. At least once a year sharpen the blade thoroughly or opt for a new one.

  • Do not cut the Bermuda grass too short only cut one third off at one time. Mowing too short can make it difficult for Bermuda to thrive.

  • Mowing could be done several times a week. It is better to mow more often than to cut off the grass too much at one time.

  • You can allow the clippings to remain on the lawn, they act as natural nutrients for your grass. If you leave the clippings the grass requires less amount of water to stay green and healthy.

  • Mowing should be done on dry grass. Wet grass will cause clumps and make it messy and ugly.

  • Try to water early in the day if possible. Watering before the heat of the day reduces evaporation. When watering, it's best to saturate the lawn to a depth of at least 6 inches. You can tell if you've watered enough by taking a stick or a screwdriver and driving it into the ground. If the stick or screwdriver easily sinks to 6 inches, then the lawn has plenty of moisture.

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