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Fire Ants can be identified by their reddish color and small size (1/8 to 1/4 inch long). Most people identify them from their fiery sting that will result in a small bump or pustule on the skin. They will rapidly swarm the mound if it is disturbed in an effort to protect their queen.

Fire Ant

Fire Ants infest many different areas. They can be found anywhere where there's an abundance of food which includes other insects, oil from seeds, meats, grease, or similar food sources. They liquefy the food and return it to the colony to feed their young and the queen. They go in search of food when temperatures reach 70 or more and can journey up to 100' from their nest.

Fire Ants cause other problems besides a nasty sting. Mounds that can reach more than 3. Nests built near a home may invade the home in search of food.

Controlling Fire Ants is often a larger task than most homeowners can handle. This is especially true with extensive infestations. Worker ants build a complex of underground tunnels. If the mound is disturbed, they move the queen to another location and set up a new nest.

We apply a special control that lasts 90 - 120 days. For year round control, this low odor, low active ingredient application should be made twice a year.