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Japanese Beetles and Grubs

Grubs are the larvae of several species of beetles. Adult beetles don't normally feed on grass but they sometimes cause damage to ornamental plants. Extensive damage can occur during the larval stage of the beetle's development.

Japanese Beetle Life Cycle

In late summer, adult beetles lay their eggs in the lawn. When the eggs hatch, they turn into white grubs which tunnel into the soil and eat grass roots. They continue feeding until cooler weather forces them deeper into the soil where they spend the winter.


In spring, they move back to the soil's surface where they continue eating your grass roots until they emerge from the soil as an adult beetle. The cycle then repeats itself.

Treating for grubs is a matter of proper timing. Effective control can only be accomplished if treated early in their development cycle. Once the grubs become full size (in early spring) it's usually too late to control them. At Gro Lawn, we know the best time of the year to apply special controls that will eliminate turf damaging grubs from your lawn without harming other beneficial insects.

Japanese Beetle