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Hard to get rid of grassy-type weeds


Dallisgrass is a warm season, deep-rooted bunchgrass that spreads by seed and by short rhizomes left in the soil after trying to pull it out by hand. It begins growth in very early spring and prefers warm, moist areas and high-cut lawns. It often infects bermudagrass as well as other warm-season grasses. It is very difficult to control. Dallisgrass

Dallisgrass requires 3 applications of MSMA in 7-10 intervals. We offer a seasonal warranty on this treatment.


At first glass, nutsedge looks like grass, but their stems are triangular and leaves are arranged in threes from the base of the plant (grass leaves are in twos along a round stem). They prefer poorly drained, rich soil and thrive in frequently watered lawns. In summer, they grow faster than the lawn and quickly stand above it. Very difficult to control. We apply 2 applications of Manage, 14-30 days apart. We offer a seasonal warranty on this treatment.

Field Sand Burs

Grow anywhere from 6 to 24" tall and forms low mats in mowed lawns. It has narrow yellow blades, may be rough on the upper surface. As an abundance of burrs with extremely sharp spines. While difficult to control, we have had some luck with a special pre-emergent herbicide if it gets applied in early spring.

Blue Stem

Can be treated the same as Dallisgrass